Wonders of Kashmir from Della Terra Teas – Tea Review

Wonders of Kashmir is a unique white and green tea blend featuring sweet corn, pineapple, papaya and jasmine. This tea is from Della Terra Teas, an online tea seller of some really creative blends. I bought this tea purely on crazy unique value. Corn? Fruit? Jasmine? YEAH! Wonders of Kashmir from Della Terra Teas - Oolong Owl tea review (1) DRY LEAF: Wonders of Kashmir features some nice big leafy tea mixed with large corn kernels and cubes of fruit. Wonders of Kashmir from Della Terra Teas - Oolong Owl tea review (2) Giant corn! Wonders of Kashmir from Della Terra Teas - Oolong Owl tea review (3) There’s only one jasmine bud in my entire 1 oz!  Kind of odd, I guess they wanted the jasmine to be really slight – I’m going to make sure it makes it way into my hot tasting.

STEEPED: I steeped this tea for 160F for 2 minutes. It was on the high end for Della Terra’s reconmendations of 149F to 158F. The result was a gold cup of tea that smelled unusually peachy. I find it interesting how sometimes floral blends can get a little peachy. Wonders of Kashmir from Della Terra Teas - Oolong Owl tea review (4)

TASTE: The corn adds this unique texture to the tea – adding the sensation and gentle note of creamy. The creamy is really different though – it’s not vanilla creamy but a juicy vegetal creamy. There’s a soft wave of pineapple mid sip, gliding underneath the fog of sweet corn. I do find the mix of pineapple and corn a little weird – it’s a mix of tang with the savory creamy toning down the tang. I’m getting a little peachy, but I think that’s the jasmine doing tricks on me. But other than that, the floral is very little – 2/10 on the Floral-o-meter – though I purposefully tossed in that jasmine bud. The base is really light – and what I taste is mostly the white tea, Pai Mu Tan /Bai Mu Dan confusion, and no grassy from the greens. No tartness or astringency with the steeping instructions I followed.

Because I was curious, I added a little german rock sugar to the rest of my pot of Wonders of Kashmir. The sweetener makes the pineapple pop with some other mystery fruityness. The corn comes out more, tasting more like creamed corn.

COLD STEEPED: I cold steeped Wonders of Kashmir for about 3 hours. I like this tea cold steeped a bit more. Interestingly, there’s less pineapple, just a hint of sweetness. The corn and green tea pop more. This cold steep becomes a savory, yet refreshing tea with a bit of sweetness.

COMMENTS: I find Wonders of Kashmir to be a very unusual blend. Love out to Della Terra Teas for balancing savory corn, tangy pineapple, floral and tea into one tea blend! Overall, Wonders of Kashmir is an adventure – like hiking in the mountains in the fog, munching on some pineapple trail mix and finding a single flower blooming.

If you like savory and light teas, I’d give this tea a sample. Personally, out of the other corn teas from Della Terra Teas, I prefer A Rabbits Garden more.

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