Daiso teaware haul

DAISO! I love Daiso! They are sprouting more and more stores too!

I originally went to the store in Richmond, BC Canada and was really sad to move out of Canada because at the time they only had the store in Canada and around San Francisco. However now they recently have opened a couple Daisos in my area, in Southern California yay!

What’s Daiso? Well, it’s a japanese dollar store. Stuff is all $1.50 ($2 in Canada) and up. Need cute stationary, pencil cases, dishes, socks, lip gloss, yarn, gardening stuff, bath mitts, and kitchen stuff? Daiso has it and probably in pink.

Teaware? Of course! They have really cute tea pots and cups for $1.50 to $5.  Most of my teaware is from Daiso – I purchased my matcha whisk there. They also got handy tea bags there too.

My new tea pot:

Oolong Owls Daiso teaware haul (3)

It holds about 4 or 5 oz. I got this pot for $1.50. They had a couple at $4, but this one was cute and simple. I never thought I’d get these tea pots as I’m left handed, so the handle is kinda annoying to use. PFFFF! ONE DAY US LEFTIES WILL TAKE OVER! I was hoping for a bigger tea pot, but I didn’t like the other designs they had.

I also snagged a couple cute small cups. There was soooo many cups to choose from, so I got my favorites.

Oolong Owls Daiso teaware haul (2)

This cup is super cute with the cherry blossom design on the inside and outside with a bit of pink blushy spots. They had one cup that was the same colours and print but was a tall thin one.

Oolong Owls Daiso teaware haul (1)

I love this cup the most – the lotus design is so cute and I love the watercolour effect. The rim is a pale blue and the shape is nice to hold.

Oolong Owls Daiso teaware haul (4)and it was only $1.50 teeheheheee!


Oolong Owls Daiso teaware haul (5)

Bleh, I made a mess pouring with my right hand, which I covered with my cup. There’s no filter in the pot and I kinda don’t care. I can handle a bit of leaf now and then.

So, all this was less than $5. SCORE! More $$ for tea!

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5 thoughts on “Daiso teaware haul

  1. I LOVE shops like this! My daughter got me hooked on them. You are so lucky to have been to one lately. We have to go two states away to find a place like this. :)
    Enjoy your pretties!

  2. Very jealous. I’ve wanted one of those pots at that size but the prices are generally a bit more than 1.50. The cup looks like it could double well as a matcha cup too.

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