Brazillionaire from DavidsTEA – tea review

Brazillionaire is a black tea that features brazil nuts and raisins. This tea comes from DavidsTEA.

I’ve been on more of a white and green tea kick. A couple month ago, my tea stash was mostly blacks and I started getting tired of all the black tea. I need variety! There is just so many black tea blends out there and I wish tea companies would experiment more with other teas! Anyways, I figured I should drink more black teas so I don’t get sick of all the white and greens I’ve been drinking. How about a pot of Brazillionaire?

Brazillionaire from DavidsTEA - Oolong Owl Tea review (2)

DRY LEAF: Smells very sweet and nutty.

Brazillionaire from DavidsTEA - Oolong Owl Tea review (1)

A very chunky tea with lots of huge flat raisins, wide bands of coconut and lumps of brazil nuts. Not the most pretty tea, but generous with the flavoring elements!

Brazillionaire from DavidsTEA - Oolong Owl Tea review (3)Those are brazil nuts! Whoa! I’m so eating those after I’m done my pot of tea!

STEEPED: Little bit of film on the top of this tea. Very smooth and nutty smell from the dark brown tea. I did a 4 minute steeping with boiling water. I tend to like DavidsTEA’s blacks to be steeped quicker to avoid strong black tea taste or bitterness.

Brazillionaire from DavidsTEA - Oolong Owl Tea review (4)

TASTE: Nutty, rich brazil nut flavor, rounded out by smooth coconut. Slightly sweet and a little raisin flavor. The whole tea is quite robust in flavor. The black tea hums along with the flavors, with no astringency or bitterness.
Sweetened, Brazillionaire becomes a dessert tea. The raisin and coconut taste pops out more with a nutty aftertaste.

COMMENTS: Brazillionaire, I recall, was marketed as a Father’s Day tea. I can see why as this tea has a pretty robust and full of flavor. My dad actually tried this tea and liked it, though he’s more of a coffee or chai kind of dad.

Overall, Brazillionaire is pretty solid and the nutty flavor is nice. Brazil nuts should be used more in teas, I think. They add a nice flavor, different than walnuts and stronger than almond. If you love nutty teas, give Brazillionaire a try.

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