Oolong Owl’s Bubble Teapot (DavidsTEA)

I’m one of those tea drinkers that spends more money on tea than tea ware. So for me, tea ware has to perform well to put up with my constant use.

The artist in me would really love to have more tea pots and cups, matching my mood, weather, outfit or manicure, but again, I think back that a $20 tea pot is $20 I can spend on tea.

However, I really needed a new tea pot. When I had company over, I would use a gravity steeper (also from DavidsTEA) per person. I purchased a cheap tea pot from World Trade Market and it was kinda meh. There was no infuser (and annoyingly my DavidsTEA infuser doesn’t fit) and the wide spout made tea shoot out, missing the cup or pouring too fast.

Evil tea pot from World Trade market!

So, I snagged a Bubble Teapot from DAVIDsTEA with my last order. A lovely teal one in the 24oz size. I like teal, it was the colour of my wedding dress. Here’s the image from their site.

bubblepot off dtSo pretty!

and here’s what I got:

bubblepot (6)Not really a colour match to the photo. Still teal at least.

The pot I got is lighter and less saturated in colour. I was kinda disappointed as I thought it was going to look like what was on the website BUT out of all the colours available, it be the one I would pick anyways. I know it’s really hard to display colours online – I experienced this with buying art supplies online. Sometimes paints and markers online look either more muted or brighter than person. In the end – if you care about colour you need to see it in person first.
Admittedly, my bubble pot looks pretty close to the website listing in colour when it’s dark.

bubblepot (2)

Colour was the only disappointment with the Bubble teapot. Everything else about the Bubble teapot I was happy with! I quite like the design on this pot.

Let’s look at the design of the Bubble teapot. The top of the pot has a indentation/dip to fit the lid or infuser perfectly.

bubblepot (8)

The lid has a plastic type washer which makes a nice seal around the infuser or pot. Also, the washer makes putting on the lid fairly quiet, no lid slamming noises waking up the house! More importantly, the washer stops the lid from rattling around. It’s pretty easy to remove the washer and put back on – though it be funny if the washer was intended to be a shipping piece.

bubblepot (9)

The lid also lacks one of those bump things locking the lid in place. I quite prefer this lid design as it is easier to remove the lid. Since the indentation is deep, along with the deep lid, I don’t have any issues with the lid falling off.

bubblepot (14)

The lid fits using the infuser – which is a bonus. I’d heard of many tea pots either not fitting with the infuser inside, or not fitting without using the infuser. Yay for a well thought-out tea pot design!

Bubble teapot from DavidsTea - Oolong owl tea blog

However, removing the lid and infuser is interesting. The lid fits pretty snug on the infuser that I can remove the infuser just by the lid. I guess a perk is I can take out the infuser without touching it, but then I have to pop out the infuser. Ehhh. Or I can take off the washer on the lid.

bubblepot (11)

To talk more about the infuser, the holes are very small and do a very good job keeping tea leaves in.

bubblepot (4)(isn’t my water marble manicure awesome?)

I made a pot of tea with 3 teaspoons of a mystery oolong I’m trying to finish. The infuser got 3/4 full and might be a tad small for a full 24oz pot using big leaf teas, but still works well.

bubblepot (13)

But, will it blend pour?

The Bubble Teapot pours beautifully!

bubblepot (15)

The Bubble teapot has a lovely smooth pour with only one small droplet of dribble after pouring. Of course, the heat retention is pretty good.

Overall, the Bubble teapot from DavidsTEA is a very functional tea pot!  I use this pot for epic pots of tea for myself or when company is over. If I ever bust this pot, I’d probably buy another Bubble teapot. Unless I’m buying black or white, I’d want to see the colour in person first.

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