Yixing Teapot #3

So, I unexpectedly acquired another Yixing clay teapot. Yixing #3? Well, I have #2 coming in the mail soon. #1 is the yixing pot I got from Hong Kong.

I was shopping a couple towns over from where I live and my Mother-inlaw said there was a tea shop in the area. We weren’t sure what kind of tea shop it was.. Boba tea? Restaurant? Loose leaf? Anyways, it was a few blocks away from where we were so we went to check it out.

This tea shop is called Bamboo Tea House out in Claremont, California. By the way, the website I linked doesn’t do the shop justice. It turns out, this tea shop sells teawares, teas and tea related trinkets. The shop is small jammed with tea ware at every corner – so much treasure to look at!

They had english tea pots in lovely bright colours, japanese cast iron tea pots and LOTS AND LOTS of owl cups and other japanese tea cups. I wish I brought my camera, but I wasn’t expecting to go to a teashop or buy lots of things

Anyways, in a cubby was a collection of yixing clay tea pots. Some were that fancy designs with not-so-useful carved handles or frogs stuck to the pot, with a couple more simple pots. I found this pot to look and preform the best:

Yixing tea pot 3 by Oolong Owl (1)

It’s wide and squat with a set in, yet deep lid. Out of all the pots, this teapot’s lid fit perfectly without rattling.

Yixing tea pot 3 by Oolong Owl (4)

Looking inside, it appears handmade (as far as I can tell)

Yixing tea pot 3 by Oolong Owl (2)

When I flipped over the pot to photograph the bottom, clay curls fell out!

Yixing tea pot 3 by Oolong Owl (6)

The detailing around the top of the teapot has great texture and interest! I am curious if this one has a bit of glaze on it, as there is some colour differences on the pattern compared to the entire pot.

Yixing tea pot 3 by Oolong Owl (5)

The damage.. $29 HOOT! The yixing pot is clearly not as nice as my first yixing pot, but I still love it! I’m thinking ripe/shu pu’er in this one.

My only complaint is the shop was heavily perfumed with incense – while we were there the sales clerk was lighting more. Thus, my pot strongly smells, though very relaxingly, like incense. I don’t want to drink incense, so hopefully when I boil this pot to season, it’ll reset the smells. Hopefully! All fails, I might need to try my trusty baking soda. I go through so much baking soda, sigh.

Sadly, I did not walk out with a dozen cute owl figurines and mugs. I probably could of dropped way too much cash there and dented their owl collection, however next time I’m in the area I will be sure to stop by… with more money.

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8 thoughts on “Yixing Teapot #3

  1. That little shop sounds delightful! Except the incense part, I’d be coughing and sneezing up a storm. :(

    So what exactly do you do with the baking soda to clean your tea pots and gravity steepers? I had to get a new Steeper from DAVIDsTEA as mine was permanently flavoured with cinnamon from chais that I didn’t clean out immediately. It also was scratched up quite a bit and my partner said that he owed me a new one anyways (originally got me two, I said give it to your dad to get him hooked to tea!) so I got the big one this summer! It’s fantastic and I’m cleaning out the tea leaves right away to an hour later tops (unless it’s chai or has cinnamon in it). Still, I’d like to know what you do with the baking soda in case I forget or get really lazy lol.

    • I actually am almost finished a post on gravity steepers, but I’ve been so busy with holiday stuff I haven’t gotten around to completing it.

      I’ll do a quick run down on what I do:
      1. every time I switch tea types (ie, say a mint to a fruit one) I take a spoon or two of baking soda, give a quick rub and rinse it out with tap or kettle water. I find that kills any lingering smells.
      2. Once in awhile I’ll do a soak, popping out the filter, where I’ll add baking soda and let it soak with hot water for a few hours. After that, some soap and soda and scrub it.
      3. For an even thorough cleaning, I dismantle all the bits and scrub them down getting all the tea off all the nooks and crankies.
      4. If the filter clogs, I sprinkle baking soda on it, and pour some vinegar and let it foam and soak for awhile.

  2. What a deal! I think my most inexpensive yixing cost $35 and it’s quite a bit smaller than the one that you found. Hopefully the incense smell will go away as the pot is seasoned. It does look like the top might have some kind of glaze on it.

    • I’m almost tempted to go back and get a second! Though, I’ll try and season it next week and see how that goes with the incense issue. I do love incense, but I light them in another room far away from my teas!

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