TEAS’ TEA Review and Giveaway! – CLOSED

TEAS’ TEA® is providing a GIVEAWAY for Oolong Owl readers and a larger giveaway on their Facebook.

TEAS’ TEA® is an all natural ready-to-drink tea, named from the Japanese expression Ocha no Naka No Ocha, simply meaning “The Tea of ALL Teas!” With thoughtful sourcing and meticulous brewing methods, TEAS’ TEA® proprietary filtration method reduces sediment creating a clean finish. The company has been a pioneer and leader in the unsweetened tea market for over 10 years, and continues to expand its distribution in natural and mainstream markets.

TEAS’ TEA® is available nationwide in natural and specialty grocery channels…

Sounds tasty! So, I used Ito En’s Store Locator and found quite a few vendors that sell TEAS’ TEA® near me, and I grabbed a couple bottles. The suggested price online is $1.79, but I was in luck and I found some onsale for $1.19! My local store had the entire line of tea!

I snagged 3 flavors:

TEASTEA Review and Giveaway by Oolong Owl (1)

Let’s try them!

First, TEAS’ TEA Matcha Green Tea Latte. This tea landed Word Tea Expo’s Best new product of 2013.

TEASTEA Review and Giveaway by Oolong Owl (2)

I found this in the refrigerated section of the grocery store. It contains cane sugar and skim milk powder. From what I gather from the bottle, this tea latte it is brewed with green tea, with some stone ground matcha added as well.

TEASTEA Review and Giveaway by Oolong Owl (5)

Owly does not like these bottles as he can’t dip his beak into them.

TEASTEA Review and Giveaway by Oolong Owl (8)

Good thing I have straws!

TEASTEA Review and Giveaway by Oolong Owl (9)

Taste, the milkyness is light, with the focus on the green tea and matcha. The TEAS’ TEA Matcha Green Tea Latte is sweet, but not overpoweringly so – I can pick out that there is green tea in this plus matcha – both having a vegetal beany flavor. Despite being a latte, the tea is refreshing, light and easy to drink.

TEAS’ TEA Plus half & half Green Tea with Green Apple is the second bottle I snagged. All their half & half line is sweetened with cane sugar and stevia, for 50 calories a serving. I snagged the Green Apple flavor as it was a  North American Tea champion second place winner in 2012.

TEASTEA Review and Giveaway by Oolong Owl (4)

This flavor seemed popular as there was very little left at my store!

TEASTEA Review and Giveaway by Oolong Owl (6)

I chilled my bottle in the fridge before tasting. First sip, I get a bit of a green tea flavor, which quickly develops into a crisp, candy-like green apple that is at the right level of sweetness. The apple is stronger than usual tea blends, but not outright strong like apple juice. The tea finishes off with some buttery green tea flavor. I’m getting no crazy stevia aftertaste which is total win for me! I can see non-tea drinkers would enjoy this Green Tea with Green Apple as the apple flavoring is quite nice and the tea is not bitter. If I’m in the mood for juice, I’d probably snag more.

Golden Oolong Tea is an unsweetened tea that is steeped with a blend of Huan jin guei and Tieguanyin Iron Goddess. The ingredients on the bottle is purified water, oolong tea and ascorbic acid (vitamin C 220%).

TEASTEA Review and Giveaway by Oolong Owl (3) TEASTEA Review and Giveaway by Oolong Owl (7)

I also chilled this tea. Taste, yum! Now, this one is for a tea drinker! I can tell I’m drinking an oolong – the full flavored tea has earthy woody and amber notes, with a delicate floral taste and slightly sweet.  Mid sip, a bit of cinnamon spice and savory smokey notes. This tea is like a forest tree, the sun beaming through the leaves, with tiny white flowers vines climbing up the trunks. No bitterness or dryess! Overall, I love the Golden Oolong Tea the most – since I’m a nerdy tea owl, I’ll probably try more of their unsweetened line of teas.

(1 bottle of tea provided for review, the other ones I purchased myself)


Oolong Owl GIVEAWAY TIME – Closed! Thank you everyone for entering!

Enter to win a TEAS’ TEA® tote bag and free tea!

******Please leave a comment to this post – ensure you leave your email address in the details (not the actual comment) so I can notify you!******

Giveaway is for US residents only… or tea lovers with a US tea mule. I’ll be random.org selecting the winner.

Ends July 30th 2013!


But more importantly, TEAS’ TEA® is doing a bigger giveaway – a TRIP TO AUSTRALIA and other goodies!

From Memorial Day through Labor Day, TEAS’ TEA® is kicking off a sweepstakes that includes a grand prize trip to Australia inclusive of a VIP tour of ITO EN’s Tea Farm.  To participate, fans can register at TEAS’ TEA® Facebook page and then use Facebook, Twitter or Instagram to capture a refreshing summer moment and share it via the hashtag #Teafreshing.  On top of the grand prize, fans will receive hundreds of other prizes all summer long such as cameras, tablets, beach gear, and free beverages.

If any of you tea owls win, take pictures of the handsome Australian Masked Owls for me! I’m going to enter too, cuz you know, I like free stuff.

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25 thoughts on “TEAS’ TEA Review and Giveaway! – CLOSED

  1. That matcha green tea latte looks good, I hope I can find it somewhere :) Thanks for the heads up on the giveaways too!

  2. Wow! What great teas & I will definitely have to find Teas’ Tea near me here in the Midwest :-) I so enjoy your posts!!! Bethany you for the giveaway!

  3. Need to try these! I’ve been looking for an alternative to water to take on an upcoming trip and these might be it.

  4. The Half & half sounds like just the thing on a hot summer afternoon. I wonder if I can find it somewhere around her?

  5. Now I’m going to have to find a local source for the Golden Oolong Tea – it looks delicious! Thanks for the chance to win.

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