Peach Oolong from Della Terra Teas – Tea Review

Oolong Peach is an oolong and green tea blend featuring peach flavoring and rose hips. This tea blend comes from Della Terra Teas.

I snagged this as a free sample with my Della Terra Teas order during one of those “30% off and free sample” deals. Nice sample size – enough for 2-3 cups of tea.

Peach Oolong from Della Terra Teas - Oolong owl tea review (1)

DRY LEAF: Interesting dry leaf appearance – theres a mix of tightly bunched dark oolong with some longer thinner tea leaves, as well as some finer green tea pieces, along with a couple peachy colour rose buds. The smell of the dry leaf is sweet like peach candy.

Peach Oolong from Della Terra Teas - Oolong owl tea review (2)

STEEPED: I steeped Oolong Peach for 2.5 minutes at 185F in my gravity steeper.

Peach Oolong from Della Terra Teas - Oolong owl tea review (3)

The result was a richly coloured reddy brown oolong lightly scented of peach.

Peach Oolong from Della Terra Teas - Oolong owl tea review (4)

TASTE: First sip, I taste light peach – moreso a yellow fleshy peach flavor. The base pops mid sip, full flavored and slightly savory green tea, with a full body oolong that has a teeny peak of floral. End of sip is a light juicy peach flavor again. No bitterness, tart or dryness in this tea.

I find this Oolong Peach more on the “enjoy the tea base” type of tea, with the peachyness being a bonus flavor. The peach here is not super sweet or candy like, despite the dry leaf smell.

RESTEEP: The peach flavor only lingers as a gentle aftertaste. Oolong Peach resteeped is now a more earthy, slight floral oolong with a bit of buttery savory green tea, finishing off with a barely there sweet peach taste.

ICED:  I was debating whether to do Oolong Peach iced or cold steeped. I do love cold steeped oolongs, but the peachyness might be better iced.

Peach Oolong from Della Terra teas - Oolong Owl review iced

Iced and with a little german rock sugar, Oolong Peach right off the bat is a fleshy ripe yellow peach flavor – I can almost taste biting into the peach and it smushing juice all over the place. Though, I don’t taste peach skin, so it’s like biting into a skinned peach – reminding me of one of my grandmas who always took the skin off peaches.  The peach flavor lasts the whole sip, with some nice floral sweet oolong and savory green tea as backup.

COMMENTS: Oolong Peach hot is for oolong lovers wanting a little fruity twist. Also for tea peeps who like their teas to be lightly flavored with fruit. If you are a fruity black tea drinker, this would be a good jump to try a fruity oolong.

I finished off my sample, if I had any more, it would all go into iced teas. Oolong Peach from Della Terra Teas makes a killer iced tea –  I like this better than a black peach tea iced as the base is lighter and the floral oolong and savory green compliment the peach better. If you love iced tea, give Oolong Peach a try!


Peach Oolong from Della Terra Teas - Oolong owl tea review (5)

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