Liquid Jade from Art of Tea – Tea Review

Liquid Jade is an organic green and white blend with bergamont. This award winning blend is from Art of Tea.

When I saw this tea in Art of Tea‘s lineup I was intrigued. I do love “fresh” teas that add some relief to this dry, hot California weather. Let’s give this tea a try!

Liquid Jade from Art of Tea - Oolong Owl tea review (1)

DRY LEAF: Liquid Jade, from the package, smells lightly of bergamont. Yum!

The tea leaves are a mix of varying shades of green and brown.

Liquid Jade from Art of Tea - Oolong Owl tea review (3)

STEEPED: After 3 minutes of steeping at 175F I had a classic golden cup of tea that smells fresh, grassy, citrusy and a little floral.

Liquid Jade was amazingly fragrant when I poured the tea from my gravity steeper into my cup!

Liquid Jade from Art of Tea - Oolong Owl tea review (2)

TASTE: First sip, Liquid Jade has a soft sweetness that is very smooth. That sweetness is similar, and probably from the white tea. Mid sip, I get the grassy green tea – very vegetal, clean, fresh and light, like eating a raw green pepper. In that, there is a light floral drifting around my cup, along with a light citrus note that works very well with the vegetal green. End of sip, the tea hits a slight astringency, say a 1 or 2/10 on the Astringent-o-meter. Altogether, Liquid Jade together, it is like a gentle cup of earl grey.

RESTEEP: I resteeped this tea for 3 minutes at 175F. Liquid Jade got lighter in flavor with a soft hum of the vegetal flavor from the first steeping but also with a more noticeable sweetness and floral throughout the tea. Very lovely resteeping but very light – I don’t think I’ll get another steeping.

COLD STEEP: I know, this tea won Best Iced Tea, why is this crazy owl cold steeping it? Ehhh, I thought it be a good cold steep and minimize the astringency. The result of the 3 hour cold steep is pretty good. The tea isn’t as sweet as it is hot, but the steeping shows off the good vegetal and floral qualities off! The citrusy bergamont adds a nice, slightly bitter, refreshing finish.

Liquid Jade from Art of Tea - Oolong Owl tea review (4)

COMMENTS: I find Liquid Jade very different from a Lady Grey tea or other green earl greys. Liquid Jade‘s citrus/bergamont is really slight, adding interest to the tea. I also found this tea to be lighter, smooth and lightly floral from the white tea. Liquid Jade really focuses on the delicious crisp green, with the smooth, sweet and citrus giving this light tea lots of Ooomph!

I can see why Liquid Jade is an award winner! I can see this one stealing the hearts of many people, especialy tea peeps that enjoy a light, citrusy green tea.

(Tea provided for review)

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