Daiso Haul #2 – More tea ware!

I had broken my 2 cup tea pot not too long ago. I was looking online for a new tea cup, but I felt kind of sad. I could spend $15-$20 and get a nice tea pot, or I can get a couple cheapy Daiso tea pots for $1.50 to $4 each and if I accidentally break another one again, I won’t feel as bad.


I found two nice small tea pots. They hold around 15 to 16 oz each.

The blue print one came with an infuser and was $4!

Daiso tea ware haul - Oolong Owl (1)

I also snagged a white tea pot for $3. You know, a backup tea pot! I’ve been tempted to get some more white tea pots and paint them. Though, I need to research what paints I should use for it to be food safe / durable.

Daiso tea ware haul - Oolong Owl (2)

Both tea pots pour very nicely too!

After I picked out my tea pots I looked at all the tea cups and mugs. I was really tempted to get a couple cute cute mugs – the Daiso classic mugs of bears, bunnies and frogs on them. However, I wanted some tea cups to go with what I have.

This tea cup is the same as my old one, but a different print! yay! Only $1.50 too!

Daiso tea ware haul - Oolong Owl (3)

The tea cup on the left is the one I purchased first.
Daiso tea ware haul - Oolong Owl (4)

I also found this really pretty printed cup, and it also came with a lid! Also only $1.50.Daiso tea ware haul - Oolong Owl (5) Daiso tea ware haul - Oolong Owl (6)I found out afterward, on the sticker on the cup, that this is an egg steaming cup. Ahh, makes sense, thinking back to when I had a steamed egg dish at a sushi restaurant.

However, this cup is pretty much the same size and shape as the other tea cups, just with a lid. I’ll make it work!

I was very tempted by many other tea wares there, but I picked out what I liked the most. Then I also filled my basket with other random stuff that one finds at Daiso.

So hopefully these tea pots will last me longer. I’m happy that I’ve started to get a small set of small tea cups started for guests. Not that I get many.. actually no one … but it’s nice to be prepared!

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2 thoughts on “Daiso Haul #2 – More tea ware!

    • It’s a chain store thats from Japan, but also has be spreading locations in Canada and the US (mostly california so far I think). It’s like a 1000yen store, like a dollar store but all Japanese products. So, most things are $1.50 ($2 in Canada). I’ve seen online type stores – my friend wanted a Daiso brand lunch box, but it was $8, whereas I got it for $1.50 in store.

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