Coconut Creme from The Persimmon Tree – Tea Review

Coconut Creme is a creamy white tea blend from online tea seller The Persimmon Tree.

Ahhh Coconut Creme. My very first order with The Persimmon Tree I bought a sample of this tea and was blown away. I was also blown away with their Coconut Chocolate too!  Coconut Creme is pretty amazing – I was very pumped that The Persimmon Tree sent me some for review. I love coconut, though I haven’t gotten into that coconut water trend – I prefer drinking tea instead! Since moving to the US, leaving my family back in Canada, I’ve been absorbed into my husbands family – who do not like coconut. Now I get my coconut fix in my teas, since its a flavor that isn’t in my house often.

It appears that my little totoro friend decided to help with this review. Or he came to wear a tea leaf on his head.

Coconut Creme from The Persimmon Tree - Oolong Owl Tea Review (2)

DRY LEAF: Leafy bai mu dan white tea – a mix of green and browns, accented with blue cornflowers, orange safflowers, sprinkled with small flecks of white coconut ribbons.

Coconut Creme from The Persimmon Tree - Oolong Owl Tea Review (1)

The dry leaf smells very coconutty and delicious!

STEEPED: I steeped this tea for 3 minutes at 175F (my kettle doesn’t do 180, which is what The Persimmon Tree suggests) and rather not take the chance I’ll overcook it at 185F.

Lovely dark gold tea with a sweet coconut aroma!

Coconut Creme from The Persimmon Tree - Oolong Owl Tea Review (4)

TASTE: Up front coconut taste. I’m talking real coconut taste, like busting open a coconut and chomping on the coconut flesh – the flavor here is the soft sweet top layer that has a little remaining coconut water on it. The white tea base, white peony / bai mu dan, is fresh and refreshing. The aftertaste is a lovely creamyness from the coconut. The white tea base and the coconut flavor is balanced perfectly so that you can enjoy them both!

I added a little german rock sugar to my cup of Coconut Creme and the tea became more refreshing and juicy! The coconut pops into a smooth taste – very lovely! Though this blend is naturally sweet on its own, adding sugar is a nice treat!

COLD STEEPED: 3.5 hours cold steeping of Coconut Creme! I was planning for 2 hours, but I lost track of time. I was a little worried this tea wasn’t going to work cold steeped and I wouldn’t get any coconut flavor.

Coconut Creme from The Persimmon Tree - Oolong Owl tea review

The result is a surprisingly sweet and coconutty drink! This is what coconut water should be! Cold steeped Coconut Creme has lots going on, making each sip interesting – Nicely sweet, refreshing and energizing, the white tea is lovely with a hint of floral, the coconut is bright and very creamy. Really good!

COMMENTS: If you love coconut teas – you are gonna love The Persimmon Tree coconut blends, and if you prefer white tea, this Coconut Creme tea will impress you. Fresh and real tasting coconut, not that packaged overly sweet coconut flake stuff. The tea is nicely refreshing too!

The biggest surprise was how good Coconut Creme cold steeped!


Coconut Creme from The Persimmon Tree - Oolong Owl Tea Review (3)tea cup totoro?

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