A Rabbits Garden from Della Terra Teas – Tea Review

A Rabbit’s Garden is a green tea blend featuring peas, corn, peaches, carrots and lemongrass. This very unique tea is from Della Terra Teas.

When I saw the description for this tea I had to get it. What the??? PEAS? CORN? SIGN ME UP! Though I’m sure there’s some of you out there immediately would pass on this tea.

A Rabbits Garden from Della Terra Teas - Oolong Owl Tea review (1)

I own a rabbit. In my teen years, I lived on a farm and we had Flemish giant bunnies – very big rabbits! In university I owned a Netherland Dwarf, Bunito, who lived for 8 years. As soon as I moved to California, I got a fun Holland Lop. He’s a small fluffy bundle of rabbit disapproval.

His garden? He owns an entire master bathroom. Well, he took over it. His garden is an obstacle course of chewed up boxes and paper bags. If he blended a tea it be made with cardboard, fur, orchard grass hay, rabbit pellet, broccoli stem, kale, dandelion and strawberries. Sounds.. awful. Thankfully he doesn’t blend tea!


I couldn’t pass on this rabbit tea blend full of veg – my bunny would not forgive me!

DRY LEAF: green tea with lots of lightly yellow peach chunks, the odd large corn and pea, accented with vibrant orange carrot slices.

A Rabbits Garden from Della Terra Teas - Oolong Owl Tea review (3)

I love the colour of the peas – that mint colour is just gorgeous with the yellows and earthy green tea leaves.

A Rabbits Garden from Della Terra Teas - Oolong Owl Tea review (2)

The smell? Very peachy! Mouth wateringly peachy!

STEEPED: Lightly peach scented pale yellow tea.

A Rabbits Garden from Della Terra Teas - Oolong Owl Tea review (5)

Interesting after steeping that the veggies became mushy! I thought they’d be still dried bits. The plentiful peach chunks taste great!

A Rabbits Garden from Della Terra Teas - Oolong Owl Tea review (4)

A Rabbits Garden from Della Terra Teas - Oolong Owl Tea review (6)

I steeped this tea at 160F for 2 minutes, as per instructions on the packaging.

TASTE: Very light tasting tea! The base tastes like a soft sencha green. Lots of vegetal going on here! Theres a bit of buttery creamy from the corn and a vegetal flavor I’ve never had in a green before that must be the peas. The tea finishes off with a bit of peach. Really nice vegetal and peach aftertaste. Very interesting tea!

Sweetened, I really taste the corn and peaches. The corn adds an interesting body to this tea, whereas the peach is just delicately sweet adding a touch of cuteness to this tea. With the sweetener, the peach is now juicy and full of flavor.

COLD STEEPED: I cold steeped A Rabbits Garden for 2 hours in the fridge.

WOW! THIS TEA IS REALLY GOOD COLD STEEPED! Full of flavor! Refreshing! Juicy! The peachy taste is lovely with loads of sweet. The green tea base is delicious and buttery with the corn. The corn doesn’t add that weird body effect. The vegetal and peas taste is crisp and tasty, like biting into a fresh sugar snap pea! I am very surprised with A Rabbit’s Garden and I will cold steep this tea again!

A Rabbits Garden from Della Terra - Oolong Owl tea review

COMMENTS: I do love a great vegetal unflavored green tea. A Rabbit’s Garden takes it fuzzy bunny leaps forward by actually adding vegetal to the tea. Cold steeped = amazing! This is the second best cold steeping I’ve done, first being a gyokuro tea! That is saying A LOT!

I’d describe a hot cup of A Rabbit’s Garden to be a light, vegetal, delicate and gentle of a tea – totally a spring tea to sip outside with cute white bunnies bouncing around! Cold steeped, this tea is a crisp, refreshing spring day outside.. stealing fresh snap peas from the garden with the bunny!

Though, in reality. Me sipping tea with the bunny means getting jumped on, nosed until I give him treats, and then I’m picking fur out of my tea cup.

If you want to try a really fun tea, or just like vegetal greens, I’d sample A Rabbit’s Garden!

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