Agua di Jamaica from Steep City Teas – Tea Review

Agua di Jamaica  is a fruit green tea blend from the delicious Steep City Teas!

I heard that this is one of Steep City Teas popular teas. I’ve never heard of Agua di Jamaica – yay wikipedia! Yowza, that sounds pretty hibiscusy tart of a drink! I’m glad Steep City loaded this tea with lots of berries!

DRY LEAF: Luscious, tangy fruity citrus smell! Very interesting appearance with the tightly curled green tea leaves, bright flower bits and fruit!Agua di Jamaica from Steep City Teas - Oolong Owl Tea Review (1)

Loads of big hunky fruits. Steep City isn’t kidding around here – get a load of this cherry: Agua di Jamaica from Steep City Teas - Oolong Owl Tea Review (2) (I ate it later on, it was yummy!)

STEEPED: Fresh citrus and berry scent! Over a dark golden steep – it was trying to turn pink! I steeped this tea as per package instructions – 175F for 2 minutes.Agua di Jamaica from Steep City Teas - Oolong Owl Tea Review (6)

I had fun watching the hibiscus lightning!Agua di Jamaica from Steep City Teas - Oolong Owl Tea Review (4) Agua di Jamaica from Steep City Teas - Oolong Owl Tea Review (5)*zap!

TASTE: Very juicy, refreshing, fruity and citrusy! I can pick up some brisk lemon flavor along with assorted fruits. A slightly tart cherry comes out, along with some cranberry along with some luscious mixed berry flavors. The green tea is not bitter, is a little savory, but is really in the background – the huge lemony and fruity flavors pack won the fight here! Tart-o-meter rating of 2/10. I could be rigged, as I was expecting a tart steep, but it is just slightly tart, showing off the natural tastes of the fruits.

Sweetened, the berry flavors pop out more – I can really pick out the strawberry and blueberry now. Agua di Jamaica just got serious. Seriously fruity! This seriously tastes like “ICE TEA ME”.

RESTEEP: (yes, I’ll get to ICE TEA MODE eventually) – a slightly lighter version of the first steep. Lemony, cherry, berry flavored tea. Agua di Jamaica is going more savory as a resteep.

ICED: Finally! I got more of a pink steeping this time around. Agua di Jamaica is great iced – the lemony, slight hibiscusy causing the berries to pop! I added a little honey, some lemon slices and fresh blackberries! This would be really good with some fresh strawberry slices too! The green tea swims around at the end, melding the flavors together.

Very good and insanely refreshing! I prefer Agua Di Jamaica iced, this is fab! Agua di Jamaica from Steep City Teas - Oolong Owl Tea Review (7)

COMMENTS: With all the fruityness going on, this really reminds me of that expensive, but fresh and good quality fruit juice. I can sense the sun and vitamin C pouring into me! There is many interesting fruity flavors going on, everything tastes fresh too!

I’ve been scared off with hibiscus sometimes as some teas go overboard, but Steep City used it very well here! Yay!

I can see why Steep City Teas‘s  Agua di Jamaica is popular and if you love fruity citrus teas – this is a must try!

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