Orchid Blend from Physique Teas – Tea Review

Orchid Blend is a berry flavored gaba oolong from Physique Tea, an online seller of bagged slimming and detox teas.

Orchid Blend appears to be more of a woman’s tea, as it includes dong quai, the “female gingseng. It also has hibiscus flowers, lotus leaf, garcina and rosehips. Lots of tea bits that help with PMS, digestion, and stress!

Orchid Blend from Physique Teas - Oolong Owl tea review (2)
DRY LEAF: Mmm, smells like tasty sweet fruit with a slight zesty herbal smell! I love the smell of this tea!

Orchid Blend from Physique Teas - Oolong Owl tea review (1)

STEEPED: Strong herb smell that is quite pleasant. Weird deep brown colour tea. The tea gets lighter and lighter brown each steeping. I did boiling water for 6 minutes.

Orchid Blend from Physique Teas - Oolong Owl tea review (3)

TASTE: Gaba Oolong – I think I’ve had this before, but its pretty interesting. The taste here is deep, light earthy, apricoty-essence,  full flavored oolong tea. With that, a light floral, berry and herb splash of flavors. The more I drink and the cooler the tea grows, the more tart it becomes. The tart is light and lovely, adding to the experience. I’d give it a 3/10 on the Tart-o-meter.


Despite all the bits showing up at the bottom of my cup, they do not add texture – which is good. Any bits I consumed was soft like tea leaves. The first physique tea I tried was sandy. /sad owl

RESTEEP: The tea base shines through stronger – the flavor of the tea changed. The base is rich, earthy, still apricot oolong. The end of sip and aftertaste is herby tasting. The berry taste has disappeared. As the tea cools, it tastes slightly sweet here.

RESTEEP #2: Before I went to pour in more water, I discovered the leaves went into a rage and exploded out the side of the tea bag!

Orchid Blend from Physique Teas - Oolong Owl tea review (4)This tea is too sexy tasty for its bag!

Edit, had to add this:

The flavor has completely changed again. The base is light and juicy with a stronger herby bite end of sip. The flavor sometimes reminds me of a pu’erh that’s been steeped a number of times.

COMMENTS: The gaba oolong used in Orchid Blend is delicious! I was expecting more berry flavor, but the nice base and herb flavor is really nice. I also found this tea surprisingly relaxing – I was expecting more of a caffeine pop from the oolong but I’m pretty chill feeling. Very nice! I would love to see more gaba oolong blends out there!

This was the final Physique Tea I got to try – this one is my second fav. My favorite is the Jade blend! In common, Physique Teas blends have a bit of a herby taste, which I find appealing personally. I recommend removing the teas from the bags and steeping with a gravity steeper. I look forward to other teas Physique Tea comes out with – and I’d love to see them sold loose leaf instead of bagged!

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