Cute Green Tea cup earrings!

More Etsy finds! This time, a pair of green tea earrings!


I snagged these earrings from Artwonders on Etsy! Super super cute earrings! More pics!



My earrings are very light weight and hang beautifully to show off the contents of the cup – green tea and a tea bag. I had to get these because the detail was very cool and I’m a big sushi eater. I wore these when I went out for sushi and it was awesome! Artwonders on Etsy has a couple other tea related earrings and necklaces which are all very cute.

I’ve been very tempted by these earrings from AnastasiaZiemba on Etsy too!


I love how you can see the tea through the polymer clay – very neat effect!  Hey, how about gravity steeper earrings? :P though, I think only tea nerds would buy that. Hey, how about teeny yixing and gaiwan earrings! Yeah!


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