Pancake Breakfast from 52 Teas – Tea Review

Pancake Breakfast is a black tea blend that tastes like pancakes! This tea comes from 52 Teas, an online tea sellers that releases a limited edition blend each week.

52 Teas does some really CRAZY FUN blends – lots of cheesecake and nerd-inspired teas. I buy quite a bit from 52 Teas – however, this is the first time I’ve reviewed their tea here on Oolong Owl. I haven’t bought anything recently, so most of my stash is of 52 Teas you tea peeps won’t be able to buy, unless it gets reblended. Also, teas sell out pretty quick – so best to follow them on twitter, decide right away if you want it, and snag it. Or, get on their tea of the week/month club.
However – 52 Teas does have a permanent line up – teas that are always in stock. Pancake Breakfast being one of them.

Pancake Breakfast from 52 teas - Oolong Owl Review (2)

I make pancakes often – usually on a Sunday morning in huge batches that takes me 45 minutes to cook. Often, I make Pancake Breakfast tea to drink as I work. Why so many pancakes? The leftovers cover a work week of breakfasts for my husband! He just takes the huge stack and a bottle of syrup to work on Monday, then he can eat at work… and sleep in a bit longer each morning.

DRY LEAF: Pancake Breakfast has a nice maple smell, with the black tea leaves spattered with marigold petals. I like to picture those marigold bits as ribbons of butter.. MMMm!

Pancake Breakfast from 52 teas - Oolong Owl Review (1)

STEEPED: Classic dark brown tea appearance with smells of woodyness and maple. Ooooh yeah!

I did a 200F steep for 2.5 minutes.

TIP: 52 Teas often doesn’t list steeping temperature and times. You either need to check Steepster and see what everyone else is doing/successful with or use your tea steeping experience and experiment from there. My experience with 52 Tea’s black teas is 200F for 2-3.5 minutes.

Pancake Breakfast from 52 teas - Oolong Owl Review (3)

TASTE: Black tea flavor up front with no bitterness or dryness. After that, a buttery and maple flavor reminding me of pancakes (that I’m currently eating at the same time). The black tea is the main player here, with the flavoring being the lovely bonus.

COMMENTS: Pancake Breakfast is a solid black tea blend. The flavors are totally pancake – though for me, I’d want a little stronger of a maple flavor. Eh, I’m Canadian and have been spoiled by over the top maple flavor teas. However, I love having this tea with pancakes!

If you haven’t tried 52 Teas yet, I highly recommend you check out their shop! You’ll most definitely find something you like there, if not, tea blends that surprise you!

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