Sakura Sencha from Den’s Tea – Tea Review

Sakura Sencha is a seasonal fruity green tea from Den’s Tea, a japanese green tea seller.

This tea is SEASONAL and available for a limited time in the early spring. Seriously, I heard about this tea mid spring or so last year and I waited almost a year for it to be released again so I could buy it.

Sakura Sencha from Den's Tea - Oolong Owl Tea review

DRY LEAF: SOOOO PRETTY! I love the little pink flower buds! The tea leaves are so thin and deep green!

Sakura Sencha from Den's Tea - Oolong Owl Tea review

Sakura Sencha smells like luscious cherries!

STEEPED: Very beautiful steep with the pink flower buds and tree looking things floating on the top!

Sakura Sencha from Den's Tea - Oolong Owl Tea review

Grassy green tea smell, with a hint of sweetness. As per instructions, first steeping at 180F for 60 seconds, resteep at boiling for 15 seconds.

Sakura Sencha from Den's Tea - Oolong Owl Tea review

TASTE: Full flavor, fresh and clean, slightly buttery green tea balanced in with a sweet floral flavor with a hint of cherry. End of sip ends with a vegetal note. As I get to the bottom of my cup, the grassy pops more, along with the cherry. The cherry here is natural tasting.

RESTEEP: Still full of flavor – however more vegetal taste upfront. I’m getting the floral still and a little sweetness. The butteryness of the sencha comes end of sip. Some astringency in this cup, 4/10 on Astringency-o-meter. As my cup cools, it’s a bit more buttery. I’m impressed how much flavor I got for a 15 second steeping! Though, I’m not liking that astringency personally. I might tweak with the water temperature to see if I can lower the astringency.

COMMENTS: This tea totally reminds me of walking by a cherry blossom tree – fresh grassy spring air, lightly scented sweet floral. Sakura Sencha is spring!

Sakura Sencha is tasty – I love the first steeping! I can drown happily in that cup of buttery, floral, fruity and sweet sencha! I love the butteryness of this tea! The resteep is okay, I probably wouldn’t bother resteeping, but since this tea is limited edition, I will be resteeping it to extend my cup.

So my tea peeps – if this tea looks good to you, I’d buy it now! If not, you’ll have to wait a year like I did.

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