Creamy Eggnog from Butiki Teas – Tea Review

Creamy Eggnog is a green tea with creamy eggnog flavors. This tea comes from Butiki Teas, an amazing online loose leaf tea seller!

Creamy eggnog? Yes, I’m taking about an eggnog tea. Yeah, it’s past christmas – I’m a little late on drinking this.

Creamy Eggnog - Butiki Teas - Oolong Owl Tea review

DRY LEAF: Good looking green tea, accented with a little red. Actually this tea come with more red bits, but they were mostly at the bottom of the bag, which I didn’t realized until after I took my pictures!

Creamy Eggnog - Butiki Teas - Oolong Owl Tea review

STEEPED: Gold colour tea with creamy sweet smells swirling out of my cup!

Creamy Eggnog - Butiki Teas - Oolong Owl Tea review

TASTE: WHAT KIND OF MAGIC IS THIS?! This tea tastes like eggnog! This tea is very creamy, with a creamy mouth feel that lingers in my mouth. There is delicious butteryness, sweetness, vanilla and eggy flavor in this tea. I love the base, huang mao feng, which is just nice and buttery. Not much vegetal taste in this tea, despite it being a green. No bitterness or dryness in this tea.

Butiki teas mentions to try this with a little brown sugar crystal to up the egg noggy taste (as if this tea needs more help with that). I enjoy this tea as is, but for you tea peeps, I added some of my rock sugar to see what happens. Yup, more egg nog taste – the sweetness bumps the egg flavor more.

RESTEEP: the tea is still buttery, slightly sweet and has a creamy aftertaste but not really any eggy flavor left. However, is still a good resteep to enjoy the green tea base.

COMMENTS: What I enjoy about egg nog is the creamy eggy taste and Butiki Tea’s Creamy Eggnog tea has it perfectly. Did you know this tea is vegan? Whoa! I was vegan for many years and I still do not drink dairy. I’d have this tea over soy/coconut eggnog. I was surprised this tea wasn’t spicy. I think that could be an easy fix if I really wanted more spice – steep it up with a cinnamon stick or grate a teeny bit of nutmeg – however I find the eggy taste is really good as is.

psst, Butiki Teas has Creamy Eggnog on sale until February 15th, 2013!

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