Lotus Nut Green Tea from Nature’s Tea Leaf – Tea Review

Lotus Nut Green Tea is from Nature’s Tea Leaf, an online seller of loose leaf teas.

Lotus Nut Green Tea from NaturesTeaLeaf - Oolong Owl Tea Review (2)

I’m pretty tired out today – and I think it is purely a Korean Drama show called “Faith” fault. I spent most of yesterday vegging out, drinking tea and watching (and screaming) at this show. Faith drove me mental with cliff-hanger-must-watch-next-episode endings that made me scream at my computer and give in to the show’s demands to watch the next episode. I gotta get back to swooning over tea instead of korean drama stars.
This tea caught my eye with the lotus nut flavoring which I haven’t seen available as a tea before. I love lotus seed filled things!

DRY LEAF: Very fragrant, almost floral earth scent. I love the silver bits of leaves in this tea – it makes for a lovely yet simple presentation!

Lotus Nut Green Tea from NaturesTeaLeaf - Oolong Owl Tea Review (1)

STEEPED: Lotus Nut is a pale gold colour tea with a nutty shell scent.

Lotus Nut Green Tea from NaturesTeaLeaf - Oolong Owl Tea Review (3)

TASTE: Full body earthy green tea with a nutty walnut-like taste.  As the tea cools a bit, it is tasting more  sweet and nutty with a hint of lotus paste flavor. Lotus nut leaves a silky texture in my mouth. The aftertaste of this tea is a mix of earthy and sharp  nut shell flavor.

RESTEEP: Lotus Nut’s resteep tastes nice, light and very nutty – however this resteep developed a soft bitter and dry finish. I’d say a 4/10 on the Astringency o-Meter and Bitter-o-meter.  It’s an okay resteep – I’m not really into bitterness and dryness, so I wouldn’t resteep this one again for myself. But it does have a sensation to make this tea more nutty.

COMMENTS: This tea kinda is like a green tea, with a little lotus seed and walnuts steeped up. I would love a bit more nutty flavor, but this tea is nice as a twist to regular green tea. I’d love to have this tea with a lotus seed steam bun.. or any steam bun for that matter. I’m really missing the amazing Vancouver China Town and all the delicious fresh goodies I’d buy after work.

Overall, give this tea a shot if you are into nutty teas, love lotus seed or want something a little different for a green tea.

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