White Peach from The Persimmon Tree – Tea Review and Promo Code

White Peach is a White Peony (Bai Mu Dan) blend with peaches and osmanthus blossoms. This white tea is from The Persimmon Tree.

White Peach - The Persimmon Tree - Oolong Owl Tea Review

Check out my previous The Persimmon Tree review for more information on them.

Mmm, peaches! I love peaches – I used to can them at home. Hours peeling, removing the pit, slicing and packing ripe peaches into tall mason jars. Even more hours of clean up in the hot dry weather of summer in the interior of British Columbia, Canada. The result: juicy peaches I can eat all year round without the icky, fake sweet and tinny taste of store bought canned peaches!

Can I have a good peach tea? I bet The Persimmon Tree can pull it off. Let’s try White Peach!

DRY LEAF: Wow, I love the look of this tea! There is a beautiful mix of green, creamy, brown, fuzzy leaves accented by dainty yellow petals. I took a few pictures and couldn’t decide which one looked better.

white peach from the persimmon tree - oolong owl tea review

white peach from the persimmon tree - oolong owl tea reviewI’m not sure what is getting more excited – the artist side or the tea nerd side of me!

White Peach’s dry leaf smells like white peaches and earthy leaves.

STEEPED: Juicy cooked peach scent is coming from the golden cup of tea.

white peach from the persimmon tree - oolong owl tea review

What also surprised me was how green this tea gets when steeped. In my Steeper, White Peach looks like fresh leaves floating in a pond. Very fresh, good quality White Peony!

white peach from the persimmon tree - oolong owl tea review

TASTE: Delicate white tea followed by a light sweet juicy peach flavor. The flavor is pretty obviously white peach – which is on the more mild and crisp juicy side of peach. I’m getting an interesting body in this tea – a little floral and fruity custard like – the White Peony (Bai Mu Dan) used in White Peach is very good quality and lovely. No bitterness, dryness or tart in White Peach.

Sweetened with a little rock sugar, the peach peeks more than just an aftertaste. However, I think White Peach doesn’t really need sugar as the flavor on its own does a good job. As this cup cools, the peach pops even more, becoming more juicy. Hmm. I think I need to try this tea iced.

ICED: Okay, I tried something different here for iced tea, and I brewed this tea a little stronger to hopefully bring out the peach flavor.  I steeped this for 2.5 minutes for 185F, just pouring this tea over ice. Interestingly, I found the peachy flavor really pops and is sweeter. I didn’t need to add sweetener! The floral taste pops out a bit more too. Very awesome! I love this tea iced, I didn’t think it was going to be this good!

white peach from the persimmon tree - oolong owl tea review

COMMENTS: If you like white peony/bai mu dan you’ll love this tea. The peach is on the light side, but really compliments the floral fruityness of the white peony. I tend to go for Silver Needle white tea, but I think White Peony was a good choice for White Peach as it is a stronger white and buzzes in harmony with the white peach flavoring.

Looking for a good iced tea? White Peach is amazing and is peachy and sweet without sweetener. I can see this tea becoming a staple for me in the summer.

How about a sweet promo code for White Peach?


for 10% off White Peach! Good until the end of January 2013.

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