Jasmine Daughter Rings from Nature’s Tea Leaf – Tea Review

Jasmine Daughter Rings is a green tea from Nature’s Tea Leaf, an online seller of loose leaf tea. This tea is hand rolled into rings.

FYI, Nature’s Tea leaf two types of this ring-looking tea: Daughter Rings Green tea and the Jasmine version I’m reviewing today.

Jasmine Daughter Rings from Nature's Tea Leaf - Oolong Owl Tea Review

DRY LEAF: This tea is so cool looking – 100% why I wanted to try it. So much fun! The rings are all rolled into rings. I tried to unravel one and it crumbled. It was like “NO! I only steep in rings!”

Jasmine Daughter Rings from Nature's Tea Leaf - Oolong Owl tea reviewJasmine Daughter Rings teaspooned onto a plate. Kinda looks like a tire pile. (I will not photoshop flames!)

Jasmine Daughter Rings (3)All perfectly hand rolled!

Jasmine Daughter Rings (4)I started to play with the dry leaf, as if I was like a 2 year old with a handful of Cheerios.

Oh, Daughter Rings smells like jasmine.

STEEPED: The leaves steeped are pretty cool after steeping.

Jasmine Daughter Rings (5)First infusion

Jasmine Daughter Rings (7)Second infusion

Jasmine Daughter rings really held onto their shape even after steeping! Pretty neat! I’d love to steep this tea in a glass tea pot and watch the rings unfold.

Oh, the tea produced? Haha, I guess I am rambling too much on those funky leaves!

Jasmine Daughter Rings - Nature's Tea Leaf - Oolong Owl tea review

Kind of a roasted and vegetal smell along with jasmine. Undersaturated green/brown colour of steep.

I steeped this tea for 1 minute with 175F water.

TASTE: Vegetal, almost roasted taste with jasmine floral weaving in and out. The aftertaste gives me a hint of dryness. I would rate this Jasmine ring tea as a 5/10 on the Floral-o-meter – you can taste the floral, but it’s not overpowering or like drinking liquid perfume. Dryness? 2/10 on the Astringent-o-meter. With that said, I would not over steep or use hotter water for this tea. I personally would try a lower temperature next time.

RESTEEP: The colour came out even lighter. The floral is still there and kicking, but the taste is much more astringent  I’m not a fan of dryness, so I did not enjoy this resteep. 6/10 on the Astringent-o-meter – it’s obviously dry, too much for me to enjoy, but I’ve had worse.

COMMENTS: Jasmine Daughter Rings is a very beautiful and entertaining tea! Big marks for appearance and entertainment value! Pretty good first steeping with Jasmine Daughter Rings, and I’d probably never resteep this tea. I found the taste to be pretty basic and not much wow factor, but I think the fun appearance makes up for it. I would personally give this tea out as gifts, or serve it in a glass pot to impress others.

Looking for a pretty looking tea with a nice level of floral? Give this one a shot!

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