Cocomint Cream from DavidsTEA – Tea Review

Cocomint Cream is a herbal, caffeine free tea featuring apple, coconut and peppermint. This tea is from DavidsTEA, a pretty cool Canadian loose leaf tea seller.

cocomint cream by davidstea - oolong owl tea reviewI recently did an order with them, snagging a couple tea pots and a bunch of tea. See my smexy teal bubble pot above? So pretty!

I’m on a hunt for good herbals as my tea collection is heavy on caffeine teas and I’d love to drink more tea in the evening. I decided to give Cocomint Cream a shot as I enjoy coconut teas. What is funny is my husband dislikes coconut (and tea for that matter) and he’s not big into mint either – he seemed slightly horrified at this tea’s smell! PssshhhhH!

DRY LEAF: Fresh mint smell with a hint of coconut creamyness. Large slices of coconut, peppermint leaves and apple cubes, some more brown than other apple bits.

cocomint cream by davidstea - oolong owl tea reviewMmm, looks tasty! This tea owl is tempted to snack on these leaves!

STEEPED: I steeped Cocomint Cream with boiling water for 4 minutes, as per instructions. Bronze colour tea, bit of debris bottom of cup and film on the top. My stance on film on tea? I don’t care as long as the film doesn’t wreck the tea, like be oily.

cocomint cream by davidstea - oolong owl tea reviewPurple glitter owl is protectively holding her bag of cocomint!

TASTE: I found Cocomint Cream came in three flavor stages. Very sweet up front – not sugary sweet but more dried appley sweet. After you get past the sweet, there is a creamy fleshy coconut taste. The coconut here is pretty natural, I can also sense the texture of the soft coconut fruit. However, the sweetness of the coconut is more from the apple. After the apple sweetness and coconut, I get a nice blast of mint – adding freshness and cooling to my mouth. A very creamy and refreshing tea! The mint is used nicely here, very fresh and no overcooked, bitter taste. No tartness in this tea.

My cup of Cocomint Cream got cool on me (I was absorbed in watching a couple K-pop music videos, I love EXO) and this tea cold loses its minty taste and is more of an apple cream.

RESTEEP: The mint here changes, being tasted throughout, but very lightly. There is a hint of creamyness here. The resteep is much less sweeter and the apple perks up end of sip. Very good resteep!

COMMENTS: I was kinda surprised here as I thought I’d get more mint from this tea and less apple – maybe I got lots of apple this batch? As always with blends with bits, I try to do a good mix, but sometimes it doesn’t pan out. Either way, I enjoyed the change of flavors and the interesting combination of coconut, apple and mint. I really enjoyed the resteep – which was I was expecting the cup to be. I quite like that I got a good resteep from Cocomint as I don’t often resteep herbals (or it comes out bitter).

Overall, very interesting tea! This tea is a great after dinner or dessert treat. Cocomint might be an interesting tea latte. Coconut and mint lovers need to check this one out!

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