Fantasy by Lupicia – Tea Review

Fantasy is a black tea that features caramel, honey and fruit. I got this tea from Lupicia, off the 2012/2013 Happy bag! This is the first time for me to try this tea – first impressions, ya!

Fantasy by Lupicia - tea review by Oolong Owl.

DRY LEAF: Amazing fruity scent that is mouth watering good. Not actually sure what fruit really, probably a mix of fruit. There is a bit of a smokey caramel smell that kinda reminds me of coffee.

STEEPED: Nice classic black tea colour. Smells slightly sweet and black tea like.

I steeped Fantasy with boiling water for 2.5 minutes, as per package instructions.

Fantasy by Lupicia - Oolong Owl tea review

TASTE: Standard black tea flavor up front – I’m guessing along the english breakfast line. There is a soft fruity flavor, again a mix of fruit. Kinda tropical and apple? There is a smokey ending to this tea with a little caramel flavor.  The black tea here is starting to become bitter. I’d say a 2/10 bitterness on the bitter-meter, so it is very tolerable.

I decided to add rock sugar to the rest of my pot – sometimes this brings out the fruity flavor. The bitterness goes down some and interestingly the tea becomes more caramel and fruity. Nice fruity end of sip as well. Can I identify the fruit better now? Hmmm. Yeah, fruit salad with the pineapple, peach, pear kinda mix. It’s pretty naturally fruit thankfully and not the “red” fruit flavor!

Also, when this tea cools, the fruityness comes out more… this might make good iced tea.

ICED TEA: I tried Fantasy iced – 3tsp of tea steeped strong, poured over ice water and a little honey. I really need to use all this honey. I asked my husband to bring home some honey, and he came home with this:

5lb of honey!5lbs of honey! GAHHH! How will I use all of this?!?!

The taste of Fantasy iced is pretty good. The honey works with the caramel and fruit. There is a little hum of the caramel smokey flavor, which is kinda weird, but it works. The black tea here is much better and not bitter.

Iced Fantasy

COMMENTS: Hot, I prefer this tea with rock sugar. Without the extra sweetness, it’s okay tea. Sweetened, it becomes another animal. A fruity caramel animal. Overall, this tea is better iced with honey – the flavors pop out well, though iced caramel is kinda weird.

I recommend this tea to black tea drinkers who want a little twist with their tea.

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