Dragon Feelers by Butiki Teas – Tea Review

Dragon Feelers is a light green tea from Butiki Teas, an online tea seller. This tea seller is a personal favorite of mine – very good and unique teas!

Dragon Feelers

DRY LEAF: Hold up. This tea is all about the crazy appearance. Let’s zoom in

Dragon Feelers zoom inAwww, cute! Didn’t take me long to find the cutest leaf out of my teaspoon!

When I saw a picture of this tea I was all, “What is that? The leaves look freaky, like fuzzy little bugs! I have to drink it!” (yes, freaking looking tea is a selling point for me) REST ASSURED, THESE ARE GREEN TEA LEAVES, not bugs. Or dragons… with stripes.

dragon dragon feelers I just had to photoshop it. I’d still totally drink that though. Wouldn’t you?

Ahem, back to this tea. Not much of a scent here from the dry leaf.

STEEPED: Dragon Feelers smells crisp, buttery veggie-like. Nice light golden green colour. The striped fuzzy leaves now look like cooked green beans.

dragonfeelersHey baby, I just made delicious tea ♥

Dragon feelers steeped

Steeping time is 3 minutes over boiling water. Seems a little hot for green tea, but trust me.

TASTE: Dragon feelers tastes like light, fresh, crisp, and buttery sweet pea. There is a bit of natural sweetness, similar to a sweet pea. As this tea cools, it becomes more crisp and sweet. There is no bitterness or grassyness in this tea.

COMMENTS:  Dragon Feelers like “the ugly duckling” of tea – looks kinda scary, but steeps into delicate, buttery magical tea. This is an amazing tea for you green tea drinkers out there – you’ll be schooled on how good green tea should taste like!

Now I want to cuddle a dragon…

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